1. The Way

From the recording Carry On

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The Way
© 2014 PerfectTree Music | Words and Music by Derek Charles Johnson All rights Reserved

Verse 1

See the star shining brightly in the sky
Looking down on the Earth
It’s His love filling all our lives
He’s here among us

Verse 2

And now His Spirit draws us near
Speaking words so gently
Speaking words we all need to hear
He moves through us

Through all of my searching
I’ve finally found the way
And now there’s no turning
I will follow Christ today

Verse 3
And now He dwells inside our hearts
A burning light will shine
He has come to change who we are
His love frees us

No turning back
No stepping away from this path
‘Cause one thing’s for sure
Your love came down
And opened my eyes
To finally see
Now I see