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The Benefits Of Staying Spiritually Fit

I’m not an exercise buff.  Not even close.  It’s been weeks, even months since I last worked out.  I used to be better about it and I’d go to the gym on a regular basis.  I had the Y membership…

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The Darkest Day//The Brightest Day

What comes to mind as you think about the events of Holy Week?  What do you picture in your mind’s eye as you contemplate the Triumphal Entry, the Last Supper, the trial and conviction of Jesus, Good Friday and the…

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What Would We Have Said Of Him?

Lots of times when I read Biblical accounts, I like to put myself in the shoes of those who were at the scene.  Like an actor, I imagine myself playing the role of a major character and wonder if…

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When God Removes Your "What Ifs?"

Sometimes as I’m writing a blog post, the overarching theme or idea comes quickly.  The details of what I feel I need to write however, can come at a much slower pace.  This week is one such week where God…

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Doing It All On Our Own

Do you ever have images pop into your head during a time of prayer?  Not trying to be weird or spooky.  But sometimes the Lord will impress something which I can only assume is a word I need to…

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Cultivating A Culture Of Gratitude

Do you ever have those days where you feel under-appreciated?  Those days that wherever you are (home, school, or work) it seems no one really cares what you are contributing?  And often a pattern develops where days turn into…

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Psalm 1 Living

 After a 3-year somewhat methodical journey through the Bible, it was time to start over again in 2017.  I’m finding the more I study God’s Word, the more I need to rely less on quantity and more on quality.  That…

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Setting Up Memorial Stones

So Joshua summoned the 12 men he had selected from the Israelites, one man for each tribe, and said to them, “Go across to the ark of the Lord your God in the middle of the Jordan. Each of you

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3 Social Media Rules For Christians

I’ll admit it.  I might be treading on thin ice with this week’s post.  Some may even say “stick with what you know” and to that I’d probably agree (for the most part).  But I’m certain that when God lays…

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Who Are The "Shooters" In Your Life?

I watched a favorite movie of mine the other day:  Hoosiers.  It’s getting a little dated but I still get “all the feels” whenever I view it.  Hoosiers is such a compelling story.  Having 4 boys at home who are…

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Considering It Pure Joy

There are lots of hard statements in the Bible.  Verses which challenge and stretch our logic to the nth degree.  Passages which turn the world’s view of things on its head and force us to look at life through a…

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Where Will You Go in 2017?

"A New Year, a new you." 

"How to make your financial New Years resolutions stick." 

"This year, resolve to lose weight." 

"Quit smoking in 2017." 

Do a quick Google search of words and images surrounding New…

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