No Room At The Inn

First things first:  Merry Christmas Since starting this blog in 2017, the dates have never lined up for the blog post to actually land on Christmas.  So this blog is extra special just for that reason.  It is Christmas.  Christ has come into our world.  Hallelujah!  He is worthy of our praise. 

I hope you are able to gather with family today and be with those you love.  I hope it’s a day of thankfulness and joy.  I hope it’s also a day to hit pause and just remember what Christ has done for you.  To take note of the life you have and what it would be if it weren’t for Jesus’ entry into this world.  It’s amazing isn’t it?  It’s hard to even put into words or to even adequately express behind a keyboard. 

I love Christmas.  I love the story of Jesus’ arrival into this world.  The elements of the story can seem so unreal at times; it just doesn’t add up for a King to enter humanity this way.  But regardless, the means and methods God used were Divinely chosen. 

Probably one of the most quoted lines from the Nativity story (and a favorite in every church Christmas pageant) is the phrase “There’s no room at the inn.”  It makes me wonder what was going through Joseph’s head as those words hit his ears. 

What do you mean “no room?”  We’ve traveled so far.  We’re weary.  We’re tired.  My wife is soon to be in labor. 

As Joseph contemplated further, I can only wonder if doubt crept into his mind about the whole thing.  God how is this what You wanted?  Why this roadblock at this very moment?  I can only speculate and come to various conclusions.  However, one of those could also be:  maybe Joseph was unfazed by this news.  Maybe he was willing to say “Ok God, here’s just another chance for You to move, for You to put Your glory on display.” 
I don’t know where you are at as you come into Christmas this year.  Maybe a long 2019 has you thinking about what’s next and how life is going to unfold.  You might be asking, How can I move forward? 

Where is the money going to come from? 

What about training and schooling? 

The doors just aren’t opening…is this really Your will God? 

What gives me hope is that God’s will does prevail no matter the earthly circumstances.  Jesus still came into this world.  The stable was available and God had it reserved just for Mary.  Perhaps she and Joseph simply trusted God’s will and didn’t allow the inn’s no vacancy sign to shake them.  Perhaps that needs to be your mindset as well today. 

Realize this truth is real on Christmas Day as much as any other day of the year:  God’s plans are never thwarted.  “No room at the inn” may seem like a setback but in God’s economy, there are no accidents or mistakes.  He always provides.  We can experience setbacks and discouragement as we step onto a path we believe God has shown us.  We can see all the reasons why something simply cannot happen.  But for all of those reasons, there is only 1 needed as to why it should happen.  Why it could happen.  Why it will happen.  If God is in it, nothing can stop it.  Nothing. 
It might seem a little strange for a Christmas blog to be centered on destiny, life calling, and the like.  But the Scriptures surrounding Jesus’ birth are the culmination of hope and destiny.  The hope for a nation.  The hope for all mankind.  The reason you and I can be free and have lives of purpose and true meaning.  Today as much as any other day, we have the ability to say “God I trust You.  I know Your plans are for good.  I see how Jesus came into this world against all odds and He triumphed.” 

That is the God you and I serve today. 

When all the hoopla subsides, the presents are unwrapped, and the treats have been digested, rest easy tonight that God is not phased by “no room at the inn.”  Nope.  It only gives Him a chance to display His glory and bring about something truly, unbelievably amazing.  That is what He did at Christmas and that is what He is doing in your life as you trust Him.  

I love you guys!  For me, 2019 has been an amazing year.  I’m drinking in every last drop and then looking forward to what is in store in 2020.  See you next week. 

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