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I LOVE the power of setting the Gospel message to music. There’s just something about taking the impact of Jesus’ death and resurrection and writing songs about it. There have been several favorite hymns of mine that do this so well…Jesus Paid It All, How Marvelous, and Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) all immediately come to mind. And a somewhat newer song, but still hymn-like in nature, is Death Was Arrested. It’s another great mixture of songwriting and Gospel; a song that can cause grown men to weep in worship.
What is that makes these songs so powerful? For me, I think it’s the fact that good Gospel songs tell stories. A good story is something we all can identify with. Those great hymns sing of the Savior, Jesus Christ coming to Earth to die for sinful humanity. They speak of His power over sin and death as He is resurrected and appears in glory. In the middle of His story, our story is also interspersed; not becoming the main narrative but a supporting role that attests to the love that Jesus displayed.
If we have nothing else in common as Christians, we have this one thing: we have a common faith and belief in the story of Jesus. And with that, we actually have A LOT in common. We have a bond that is deeper beyond any other…Christians are connected instantly because of the faith that we share. It’s that connection and that underlying story that can shake nations, conquer strongholds, and release prisoners from captivity.
As I thought about the power of sharing about Jesus in song, I was led back to some phrases I used to hear often as a kid: Be a witness for Jesus. Give your testimony. Tell your story. It’s an idea I don’t hear as much today and that’s not a good thing. If we are indeed known by our love (They Will Know We Are Christians By Our…), we are compelled to share what encountering Jesus looks like. It is a watershed moment when decide to trust in Jesus and it’s a point in time we do well to remember and be ready to share.
So what’s your story? Maybe you came out of a lifestyle of drugs and Christ broke the pattern of addiction in your life. Maybe you were a hard-nosed individual; your family could attest that you weren’t enjoyable to be around. But when Christ came in, your life changed. Maybe you came to Christ late in life but it was after a friend invited you to church that you felt an overwhelming burden to put your trust in Him.
Maybe none of these stories are yours. Nevertheless, you have a story. We all do. And the beautiful thing is, your story is different than mine and my story is different from yours. Your story might reach certain people and impact lives that I could never reach. And mine might reach lives that yours could not. In the Kingdom of God, we are all messengers and we are all bearers of truth and light. It’s not to be hidden under a bushel; it’s to be shared with the world.
At the end of today’s blog I share a story in song that I’ve written. It’s a song I hope to record someday to use it with the purpose of leading people into worship and to point non-believers to Christ. It’s a song that I can personally attest fits my life before Christ took hold and I also think others can identify with it. If it gets recorded, I’ll be sure to let you know. And I’d be obliged if you took the time to share it with others who might find it an encouragement and blessing.
I love you guys and I am praying for you. I’m encouraging you today to not only know your story but to also share it. Share your testimony with the world and be a witness for Christ. Faithful followers sharing about Jesus’ work in their lives is needed today, as much as ever!
God bless. Reach me at info@derekcharlesjohnson.com
My Hope Is In The Cross 
Derek Charles Johnson

Once without hope, scarred and broken 
Till I came face to face with Love Divine 
In all my shame, I was so desperate 
But Jesus came and redeemed my life 

My hope is in the cross of Christ 
Where mercy reigns and death has died 
My soul is free, my heart’s alive 
My hope is in the cross 

No debt I bear, all thanks to Jesus 
His blood covers all of sin’s dark stain 
God’s wrath was placed, was placed upon Him 
My afflictions He surely bore 

I will trust only Jesus 
Who paid the greatest cross 
I will trust only Jesus 
My hope is in the cross

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